Announcing the Launch of the Sios Optical Tools Brand

Announcing the Launch of the Sios Optical Tools Brand

October 10, 2018 Latest News

For Santinelli International, innovation has been the mantra for the past year. The venerable optical-equipment giant is intent on breaking the mold established in their 45 years as an industry leader, stepping out of their comfort zone to push into the optical supplies and accessories sector.

Vertigo worked with Santinelli to launch their exciting new collaboration with Italian optical design firm, CentroStyle: Sios (Santinelli International Optical Supplies).

… and it’s taken the industry by storm. CentroStyle is world-renowned for their chic but thoughtfully designed optical accessories and frames. Designed with the same spirit of style and flair, the new Sios portfolio includes the sexiest hand tools in the optical industry. That’s right—we said sexy.

At the core of the Sios lineup is the the Lab Modular System, a beautiful, color-coded storage concept that helps optical professionals organize tools and components for repairing eyeglass frames. There’s nothing else like it in the industry. Sios also includes an exhaustive array of hand tools and accessories that follow the same color-coded system: one color for each type of frame. The tools and storage cubes are all detailed with a soft-touch, non-slip silicone that reduces slippage of tiny screws and components and relieves hand and wrist stress. The CentroStyle and Santinelli team worked hard to provide everything an optical professional needs to solve their day-to-day problems with elegance and simplicity— hence the tagline Simplify OpticalTM.

The Sios brand message and corporate ID took its lead from the product design: the use of bold colors, simple fonts and lots of white space is carried throughout the brand, messaging and collateral materials. To make ordering simple for Santinelli’s loyal equipment customers, Vertigo designed and developed an e-commerce store that caters to retailers and small laboratories.