Are Your Google Ads Working?

Are Your Google Ads Working?

September 10, 2021 Latest News

Since Google’s early August search ranking algorithm update, many have noticed ranking changes, fluctuations in page views, lower sales correlating to semrush sensor and drops in high-volume keywords. Some are seeing clicks decline by over 60,000 caused by Google rewriting the title tags and using the wrong location.

Still, Google is the go-to in our digital life. Lots of companies spend their money on Google ads, but are they optimizing their spending . With the latest Google algorithm and the release of new privacy policies, it’s harder than ever before to WIN at the online game. It’s no longer about the one who bids the highest wins…things have gotten a heck of a lot more complicated than that.

Vertigo Media Group has a unique take on how to be successful and get your ad shown 64% more than those who don’t follow these rules.

  • Start using first-party data to better personalize ads. National Brands can be at a loss since Google began phasing out third-party data. The privacy issues have actually limited the geo search in which your audience will see your ad. Yup! If you’re looking to branch out beyond a 15-mile radius then… hop on the bus because google isn’t going to do it. If you’re asking yourself how to gather first-party data, consider content that drives people to surveys, contact forms, downloads, and tracking tools.
  • It’s all about the code! Is your site optimally coded? Google will actually show your ads more if the landing pages the ads drive traffic to are properly coded. And don’t forget mobile must meet today’s coding standards to have better overall performance.
  • There’s a fine line between what’s considered overuse of keywords and what actually converts. Yes, bots can actually read. Not only is big brother WATCHING and LISTENING, but now he is READING TOO. Scary? It can be unless you know how it works.

On August 31, Google shared an impending change that will go into effect July 2022. According to Sylvanus Bent, Product Manager, Google Ads, “Your existing expanded text ads will continue to serve alongside responsive search ads, and you’ll still see reports on their performance going forward. Additionally, you’ll be able to pause and resume your expanded text ads or remove them if needed. You’ll also still be able to create and edit call ads and Dynamic Search Ads.”

Vertigo can help you prepare for this change, as well as figure out the best approach for advertising to reach your audience and gain valuable insight. Let us make your ads a success with more views, accurate and better quality leads.