Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is a modern digital marketing strategy used to augment the performance of any lead or sales generating web page. We highly recommend this powerful technique to clients keenly interested in increasing their leads, driving sales and reducing overall costs of all their marketing efforts.

We begin by A/B testing different variables in the landing page design to increase conversions. This page may be your contact page, or a page designed specifically to feature a specific product or service. Each test we perform splits website traffic 50/50 between two design versions. Each trial will run until it returns enough data to determine a prevailing version. Once the winning version is identified, we will then test another variable. We aim to continually increase conversions of all forms of traffic with the ultimate goal of cost savings and ROI increases across all marketing mediums.

Every conversion optimization campaign begins by testing two versions of the landing page, varied by one element at a time. These variables may include font size, color, image, video or the call to action. Our goal is to increase the user’s time on page, quickly deliver a solution to the user’s query and encourage the form fill or click to call.

These tests can vary the landing page content shown to the same audience or feature different content to different sets of demographics or lead sources.

Your business might want to test different offers to different audiences to see which performs best. In this scenario, we can send users fitting specific demographics to one offer page and users fitting other criteria to an alternate one.

Would you like to increase the number of leads you receive with your marketing budget? Do you want to learn more about what appeals to your ideal customer? Do you want to test a new product or service with a select audience? All this and more can be achieved by exercising conversion optimization strategies on your lead or sales generating web pages.