Lisa Mirabile to feature on Donna Drake’s new diversity segment

Lisa Mirabile to feature on Donna Drake’s new diversity segment

February 15, 2019 Latest News

I’m honored to announce that I’ll be co-hosting a new segment on the Donna Drake Show about diversity. The topic is a passion of mine, and one that has been a focal point of my marketing career.

The marketing community has a social responsibility to create authentic content that is inclusive and truly represents today’s America. Social media has created an incredible broadcasting platform that allows us to be our authentic selves, but it’s time for media professionals to catch up.

Donna Drake’s new segment celebrates diversity not only in media, but in everyday life. It’s something I’ve been exploring for over two decades, since I first moved down to Miami with the task of establishing an agency presence in the Latin American market for Wunderman Cato Johnson NYC.

This eye-opening experience taught me that the future of marketing lies in multicultural advertising and the ability to communicate across cultures. Later, the concept really crystallized for me when I lived in Latin America for 5 years as part of Ogilvy & Mather’s international division.  Cross-cultural marketing became a way of life that carried over when I opened Vertigo.

Launching in November 2017, our “Spanglish” division became the cross-cultural platform that helped us to grow Vertigo internationally and start developing our focus on inclusive marketing. It’s now 2019, and we have the tools to create sophisticated testing and automation programs that help us transcend cultural and language barriers.

With the technology available to today’s marketers and storytellers, it’s never been easier to avoid cultural missteps and to sensitively tune in. Every communicator can calibrate her outreach efforts to dial in the perfect way to reach subcultures, mixed communities and international markets.

The Donna Drake Show can be found on Saturday at 6:30 am on CBS, WLNY, and the diversity segment will appear monthly. We will be airing nationally on the new SBTV network in just a few weeks. We’ll be archiving the segments on the Vertigo website after each episode!

Lisa Mirabile, President & CEO
Vertigo Media Group