Get Ahead of the Game. Know Your Customers Needs.

Get Ahead of the Game. Know Your Customers Needs.

May 2, 2022 Latest News

From homeowners trying to renew their kitchens to home builders seeking to customize their houses, the current home appliances shortage has grown to be a big obstacle to creating their dream houses. COVID-19 pandemic caused factory shutdowns, semiconductor chip and labor shortage and logistical challenges that transformed into a global shortage of home appliances.

Jay´s Appliances anticipated this need right when the pandemic started. Seeing how first responders were doing their job, they felt the need to help as well. They knew customers had enough to worry about so they decided to invest up to the last penny in inventory. Over a million dollars in washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers so customers didn’t have to add the lack of appliances to their worrying list. More than the profit itself was the purpose of doing something for the community that actually paid off for them. 

At Vertigo, we help them channel this strategy into marketing efforts so their customers could know about the big inventory of appliances in stock and ready to be delivered to their houses to help them make it a more comfortable place to spend their time in.

We worked to unify the brand’s messaging across different channels and boost its focus on key holiday and seasonal sales. We launched a multimedia campaign including heavy TV, radio and print placements, along with a digital campaign focusing on keyword and display ads. 

Getting ahead of the game and knowing your customers’ needs always gets you a long way and we are proud to work with brands that understand it as much as we do.