Introducing Spanglish by Vertigo

Introducing Spanglish by Vertigo

November 3, 2017 Latest News

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of Spanglish by Vertigo, a new suite of services catering to cross-cultural marketing.

Early in her marketing career, Vertigo founder Lisa Mirabile moved to Miami to establish an agency presence for the local Latin American market, where she fell in love with both the Latin culture and its people. After living and traveling through Latin America for 5 years, “Spanglish” became a part of her way of life.

With our recent establishment of offices in South Florida and a new roster of clients who are serious about communicating with Spanish-speaking audiences, Vertigo has finally returned to its Latin marketing roots.

Speaking across cultures is about more than translation. Spanglish is about delivering effective cross-cultural outreach as part of a broad marketing strategy. The Hispanic market will represent 30% of the total American buying power by 2050—is your business ready to seize this opportunity? We have the passion, the expertise and the experience to engage the general-market consumer segment, influence first-generation Hispanics, and build brands on the platforms that these communities use the most.