Long Islanders Choose Vertigo Media Group as #1 Ad Agency in 2023

Long Islanders Choose Vertigo Media Group as #1 Ad Agency in 2023

June 21, 2023 Latest News, Press Release

Award recognizes the company’s ability to produce results through talent, diversity, and forward-thinking leadership.

It was great to be recognized as a leader in the ad world and an honor to be in the same category as Austin Williams and DidIt. Call me personally because I work very closely with clients and my cell phone is always on.

BOHEMIA, New York, April 27, 2023 (Vertigo Media Group) – Vertigo Media Group was presented with the 2023 Herald Long Island Choice Award for #1 Ad Agency based on votes from clients, businesses, organizations, civic leaders, and individuals throughout New York. Thousands of companies were nominated and over 200,000 voters participated to select the best business in each category. Vertigo Media Group was one of only 264 businesses to win a Long Island Choice Award this year, and they were presented with the #1 Ad Agency Award during a ceremony held on April 18, 2023.

The Herald Long Island Choice Award was initiated two years ago to tell the stories of Long Island’s most successful and influential businesses in a way that both honors their contributions and motivates other business owners to achieve similar success. The Awards also recognize the unprecedented challenges that businesses have faced due to the pandemic, and highlight the resiliency, innovation, and community dedication of specific businesses that have enabled them to flourish. Vertigo Media Group was nominated for its strength in these areas and a business story that offers 20 years of insight to other Long Island companies striving to succeed.

Vertigo’s CEO and Founder, Lisa Mirabile, grew up on Long Island with a vision to make an impact through business. She attended Syracuse University to earn a BFA in Fine Arts before heading to Wunderman Cato Johnson in NY City to work with clients such as American Express and Miller Genuine Draft. Ms. Mirabile helped launch the company’s Creative Department for their Latin American office before moving to Ogilvy & Mather, where she helped grow and expand its television commercial services for the next 5 years. 

In 2004, Lisa Mirabile started Vertigo Media Group (VMG), a full-service Marketing Communications firm focused on brand advertising and strategy-driven results. As CEO, Ms. Mirabile cultivated strong relationships with clients based on collaboration and a spirit of service to business and community. “From the start, my team and I felt a connection to emerging companies that wanted to strike out and brand themselves to become leaders. We also developed a passion for helping established companies experience exciting results by reinvigorating their brand,” explained Ms. Mirabile. “But I think one of the most valuable ways we help clients stay on top is progressiveness. We are constantly evolving to keep clients in the forefront by implementing the latest marketing solutions. We led the way in podcasting and OTT, and our clients benefit from advanced offerings like automated AI social media.”

In 2014, Lisa Mirabile acquired another Long Island agency in a merger that nearly tripled VMG’s gross sales. In 2017, VMG launched Spanglish, a cross-cultural marketing program to help brands connect with the area’s growing Hispanic community. 


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