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Stories Behind the World’s Most Amazing People

Do you love hearing about success and what motivates people to get to the top of their game? Lisa Mirable is the host of Marketing that Moves You, a podcast that reveals the stories of entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior professionals from all walks of industries. With a passion for life, work and creativity, Lisa Mirable meets with amazing people to discuss their journeys and lessons while educating and entertaining listeners.

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Lisa Mirable is president and CEO of Vertigo Media Group, a full-service Marketing Communications firm with a strong focus on brand advertising. Vertigo specializes in branding young companies, along with reinvigorating existing brands. Recognized as an industry expert, Lisa has given many seminars on marketing and delivered addresses to young graduates looking to start their careers in marketing.

Latest Episodes


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Episode Three: Dr. Robert Feirsen, Department Chair at NYIT, and Marc Alessi, Executive Director at TSCW

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