Rebranding Done Right

Rebranding Done Right

February 2, 2021 Latest News

Rebranding is an extraordinarily complex and large issue to tackle for a company, no matter the size or industry. Organizations that decide to rebrand themselves have much to consider before doing so. One that is vitally important is brand research, which could include focus groups to get a sense of how your customers, prospects and industry perceive your brand versus your competitors. A logo refresh, branding guidelines, new positioning and messaging also follow brand research in forming a total cohesive rebranding effort.

Often, it is difficult for in-house marketing departments to focus on a rebranding effort from start to finish, as there are a multitude of other tasks that they are responsible for to support current business needs. A capable and creative partner is needed to do the research and form a rebranding strategy that can effectively work with a marketing department and execute all elements derived from the strategy created.

This is where Vertigo Media Group can really make a difference to your organization and be an asset to your internal marketing team, as well as C-level executives. Vertigo recently has been tasked with rebranding two high-profile clients, Merola Tile which provides the finest ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass tiles from around the world, and Quatela Chimeri PLLC, which is a top-tier New York law firm.

Merola Tile has been working with Vertigo on a rebranding effort for over a year. At the heart of this rebranding effort has been an in-depth launch of a focus group to improve branding strategies and the decision-making process. Vertigo interviewed over 40 customers in a virtual focus group setting via Zoom, as well as their end-users and internal teams. At the conclusion of the focus group study, a final video compilation was created and presented to Merola’s management.

Vertigo also performed branding strategy, brand research and logo design for the Merola rebranding effort. All these efforts will help Merola decide if they should change names completely or current branding should continue in its existing form.

With Quatela Chimeri PLLC, the rebranding has spanned a few months’ time and is ongoing. Vertigo is diligently completing a wide range of services for Quatela Chimeri, including:

  • Logo redesign
  • Messaging
  • Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Establishing brand guidelines
  • Social media strategy
  • Digital and print advertisements concepts

With the vast creative talent Vertigo has on staff, the efforts to rebrand both Merola Tile and Quatela Chimeri have been flawless. Vertigo is fully prepared to tackle any rebranding challenge within any industry. Contact us today at 516-882-5030 to see how Vertigo Media Group can steer your rebranding efforts and become a cohesive part of your marketing effort!