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Vertigo’s services marries the traditional with the innovative. We deliver custom, cross-platform solutions that may include strategic advertising campaigns, new branding, feature-rich, dynamic web sites, behavior-powered digital campaigns, content-driven social media strategies, setup and management, optimized digital video, and action-oriented TV.


Quality, targeted traffic increases both customer acquisition and retention.

A successful digital marketing campaign starts with strategy. We start by developing an understanding of our clients’ offline communications and brand perception. Our senior strategists immerse themselves within your unique competitive landscape, armed with proprietary software and research that wins. With this crucial data, VMG can set your brand up for real growth in the digital space, creating customer responses and the behavior change that makes a real impact on your bottom line.

Whether you want to market to specific target audiences or create an engaging global campaign, VMG’s strategic publishing methodology and distribution channels can delight your audience and build brand engagement.


Higher visibility before relevant audiences–in a crowded marketplace. 

Search engines are where many prospects begin their journey, so make sure your brand can be discovered. It’s critical to ensure that the major search engines are putting your expertise and products in front of the right audience (and to have a plan to convert them into sales when your audience finds you). We help clients define their online goals, then create custom content optimizations, and keyword and multichannel advertising strategies to help drive sales, build leads or boost site traffic. It’s all done in-house, and you’ll get clear, easy-to-digest reporting on our efforts every step of the way.

We offer a variety of services customized for any budget, including: technical audits of your website to assess SEO performance; directory listing management; keyword discovery and analysis; content writing and editing; meta-tag management; link-building, video optimization, and mobile optimization.


Creative that demands action.

For over 14 years, VMG has made brands move; we’re in the business of building business. It’s about actions, not images, that make the difference. We’ve learned to cross every platform, from broadcast to digital. We understand what people want from their brand and how to to create a sale.  Isn’t that what matters?

Customer data makes our work…work. With precision and results, we can create a desired, measurable action by sending the right message to right person in the right way.


Beyond tactics.

Brandscaping partners your brand with relevant content leaders for unparalleled marketing success. This economic way of marketing is most successful in the digital marketing space in particular, but it’s important enough that we felt it deserved its own category.

Brandscaping is most economical and successful way the brand audience can be fully defined. It allows VMG to source relevant partnerships that speak to the same audience, with like brand values. Cooperative marketing helps companies save money and build audiences which drives demand and increase acquisition. It’s your marketing message, amplified.


Traditional marketing with a focus on storytelling and customer experience.

There’s often a disconnect between a brand’s promise and the actual customer experience. We help our clients develop an integrated brand and customer experience by assessing key moments in the customer lifecycle. This gives us the insights we need to create breakthrough advertising, eye-catching collateral and memorable images that connect, disrupt, and engage.

From traditional advertising campaigns to creative services, we apply design thinking to business intuition to create brands that win.


Why is content king? It’s the medium of customer engagement. 

Content: it’s more than just words on a page. It’s the creation of shareable online materials that generate customer affection while demonstrating your brand’s unique value proposition. Less self-serving than traditional marketing methods, it isn’t about pitching your products or services: it’s about providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues. Content that builds true customer loyalty can easily be integrated into any digital and social strategy.


Holistic web design that performs, beautifully. 

Your website: it’s your online HQ, the hub of your brand’s presence. Our websites don’t just look great, they also perform. Using the latest technology with security, ease of use, and performance in mind, we consider your content strategy, information architecture, user-interface design and how to market your site to your audience after completion.

Lead generation. E-commerce. Multi-media. Robust, content-heavy resources. Whatever you require, VMG uses industry-leading best practices to meet and exceed your digital goals.


Being social means being visible.

Essential to any modern marketing strategy, a consistent social media presence can drive brand awareness, engagement, and even sales, while offering some of the best paid advertising opportunities available today. Social media is also a crucial component in search engine optimization—being social also means being findable.

We’ll develop a social media identity that’s aligned with your brand and speaks to your audience where they already are, while guiding you through the rigorous tracking process that turns social media investment into measurable ROI.


Leave a lasting impression.

Used correctly, video is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with an audience, and can be a crucial asset in any modern search engine strategy. Video can be a valuable asset to help achieve many marketing goals, whether you are selling a product or trying to tell a complex story. Let your brand shine with videos that provide an immersive experience while showing off what makes your company unique.

Quality video content is naturally shareable, evergreen, and will organically attract valuable backlinks over time, always sending fresh leads your way.


With so many options available, choosing the right media vehicle is more important than ever. 

An optimal media strategy is essential to the success of any marketing plan, and the world of paid media has never been so diverse.  After the target audience and creative direction is decided, VMG will go to work on determining the most efficient media vehicle(s) for your brand, making sure that your marketing message appeals to your customers and most importantly, appears in the right place, for the cost that works for you.   


With the right strategy, you can create content that truly converts.

From funnel management within your website down to to A/B testing on your search ads, we’ll use an array of the industry’s best conversion optimization techniques to help turn passive users into active ones, and leads into hard prospects . We’ll help you profile visitors’ behavior and use a combination of analytics and user feedback to improve all the key performance indicators on your website and other digital efforts.

More clicks, more sign-ups, more downloads—so your business can see more customers, better customers, increased transactions and higher sales.


The best insights come from having access to the right data.

At Vertigo, our value is measurable, thanks to our suite of performance analysis and reporting tools. We believe that a polished, well-crafted reporting and analytics implementation is the best way for us to track your growth and adjust our strategy to achieve your goals.

It’s easy to provide a client with the raw data—as your partner, our analysts go beyond to find the story inside the numbers, turning a daunting data set into into insights that lead to actionable “aha!” moments. Strategize, monitor, test, refine. No more wondering what worked and what didn’t.

Case study

Client: Sell Your Car for Cash



Improve search engine visibility; increase lead capture and sales.



This expert cars-for-cash outfit was getting lost in non-local search traffic. They were using a long-in-the-tooth website that still relied on outdated, spammy SEO techniques to gain a competitive edge, and which didn’t offer a great experience for mobile users.



In a full overhaul, Vertigo developed a new, responsive website with integrated video marketing and lead capture, reworking the brand’s content and performing careful on-site optimization using best practices. A multichannel lead generation campaign stimulated new sales and captured the much-needed local search traffic from private car sellers.



Leads have increased 400% year-over-year, while sales increased 300%. Search-wise, the site now dominates the local results on major search engines–a long way up from its old spot on page 9 of Google.

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