Programmatic Digital Identifier

Pinpoint the Perfect Prospect

How can Programmatic Digital Identifier℠ (PDI) services find your ideal customers?

Welcome to the next generation of laser-targeted, location-based digital advertising. PDI is a specialty service that helps brands identify and target audiences through the use of hands-on programmatic buying tools.

PDI provides clients with all the necessary resources—planning, buying, data strategy, analytics, audience insights, publisher development, and ad technologies—to find and reach the right audiences wherever they are, and deliver the appropriate message.

VMG is excited to debut this cutting-edge technology combining GPS mapping and demographic data to identify your next best customer precisely where he or she stands.

With Programmatic Digital Identifier (PDI) technology, you can cherry-pick targeted locations, create a virtual perimeter around them, and serve up ads to visitors in those locations that fit your target audience’s specifications.

What are some of the applications of PDI?

  • Customer loyalty – Retarget previous visitors to your business location
  • Show ads to event attendees – Think sports, trade shows, fundraisers
  • Specific geographic locations – Pinpoint your prospects down to the exact street address
  • Acquisition – People in your geographic location likely to come to your business
  • The competitive advantage – Show ads to visitors to your competitors’ locations – and draw them away!

What if you could attract prospects attending an event related to your business? The possibilities are endless.

Your content will appear on some of the most popular apps, including everything from news, radio, weather, and sports to gaming, social, video and communication apps. Those ads can link directly to a special-purpose landing page of your choice, or to your website.

Whether you are a small retailer, a professional firm or a service-oriented company, this is a practical, edgy technology that works wonders for many kinds of businesses.


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