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Focused on Strategy, Driven by Results,
Passionate about Design.

Vertigo is a different sort of agency. Here, it’s all about the work. A full-service agency with 14 years of success behind us, we have maintained the boutique operating style that lets us work closely with clients to unearth the best opportunities. Our focus is on the success of our clients.

As a young agency, we bring to the table the enthusiasm and passion it takes to create results-driven solutions. We believe in turning brands inside-out and upside-down until we understand them and the problems they face. We can then see the brand through the customer’s eyes, and with this knowledge, influence the client’s desired outcome.

We believe that a brand is a set of visual and verbal cues that combine to convey a single mental image. The company name, logo, tagline, narrative, and campaignable images all come together to create the brand.

Vertigo Media Group provides the finest Strategy, Name Development, Marketing Research, and Design Services.

Lisa and Fred

The Core Values of Vertigo

Our Philosophy is Simple and Direct.

We believe your marketing dollars are valuable and that you should receive a return on your investment. We think strategically to create results-driven materials.

Look – The most important thing we can do is to analyze your existing brand at its present moment and create a situation analysis.
Think – Develop a brand position that is unique and true to your product, called your “Unique Selling Proposition.” This gives you the competitive edge.
Create – Your brand’s message will be delivered consistently throughout all touch points of the sales cycle turning it into a branding and selling opportunity.

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Our Clients

Case study

Project: Dr. Stitch



Stitches represent an excellent source of income for plastic surgeons. Despite having considerable expertise, the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group was doing very little business in this service category. They engaged Vertigo to increase their visibility as an option for stitches and to increase the number of incoming calls requesting stitch work.



Our research showed that potential customers didn’t have a particular reason to think of the surgical group when an emergency arose. A crucial market segment the group was missing out on was children’s sports injuries that require stitches—these are cases which typically cause anxiety or panic, with parents often allowing whoever is on call at the emergency room to perform the work.



Vertigo developed the successful “Dr. Stitch” campaign, which used grassroots marketing to sponsor local sports teams. By focusing our efforts on sports with a high “stitch ratio” —such as hockey, soccer, and swimming—we were able to create a new conversation. Families of young athletes were provided with keychain tags featuring the contact information for the surgical group, putting the solution into prospects’ hands before an accident occurred. The tags and campaign used the tagline “Accidents Happen. When They Do, Call Dr. Stitch.”



After the campaign took hold, the surgery group’s incoming calls soared from an average of 8 to 56 per month. This has been accompanied by a consistent increase in referral business.

What our clients say…

Five years ago, we changed our business model. We went from selling through the distribution channel, to selling direct. This new approach was not without significant risk. So after careful research, we hired Vertigo to implement our new strategy, which is anchored via our website. Today, we hear from many customers just how easy our website is for them to use. We have no doubt the site created by Vertigo paved the way for a smooth transition. They are responsive to every need and new product launch. Thank you Vertigo!

Mark Ross

Vertigo Media Group, led by Lisa Mirable and Fred Pesce, is one of the most creative, hard working agencies I ever had the pleasure of working with. Vertigo helped us win prestigious awards, gain great visibility in our marketplace and most of all, provided measurable ROI.

Richard Calcasola
Maximus Spa

Working with Vertigo Media Group on many projects and campaigns for several of our restaurant concepts has helped our company grow and develop noticeably. With your guidance, Vertigo Media Group has provided us with a personal and warm touch plus the benefits of an entire creative team. I can only imagine what goes on behind the scenes! Nevertheless, you have made it seem effortless! Thank you for the countless hours of help, creativity, guidance and dreaming (on our behalf!).

Raquel T. Wolf
Singh Hospitality

Vertigo Media Group has been a great partner in dealing with our multiple marketing platforms. Their expertise in media relations has provided us significant opportunity to enhance our image within the public, business and government level. Prompt Service and High quality presentations have always been achieved by Lisa, Fred and their staff.

Brian Fried
Lend America