Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe Signs On as VMG Client

Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe Signs On as VMG Client

December 2, 2018 Latest News

We’re delighted to welcome Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe (TSCW) as a new client at Vertigo. TSCW is a non-profit doing excellent work to preserve the often overlooked legacy of Nikola Tesla, whose contributions to science and technology are hard to understate. Tesla, a kind of modern Prometheus, held over 300 patents—many of which relate to critical technologies still in use today.

Original Wardenclyffe laboratory and “Tesla’s Tower”

Did you know that Tesla developed the underlying technology for wireless communication over long distances? Tesla’s last surviving laboratory is right here on Long Island, in Shoreham, and TSCW is responsible for saving it from destruction. The lab is historically significant for a several reasons, most famously because of the watermark moment in the history of science when Tesla built his famous tower for wireless communication in 1901. This project would have created a worldwide system of wireless communication and power relay—almost a century before the invention of the internet!

Today, in addition to hosting and developing a number of educational events and exhibits that raise awareness of Tesla’s legacy and promote science education, TSCW is working to raise money to create a global science center, makerspace and interactive museum at the site.

TSCW engaged Vertigo to manage their forthcoming rebrand, coordinate additional fundraising efforts and design an exciting new website that celebrates their forward-looking mission. We’re honored to work with this volunteer-driven organization that connects science, history, Long Island and STEM education in a way that carries on Tesla’s legacy of service to humanity. They are doing the kind of work that will shape the future of education and innovation.