September 30, 2022 Latest News

Vertigo Media Group, Long Island’s leading digital advertising agency, grows our client business utilizing our proven conversion metric approach we ensure our client’s reach their goals – fast.

Vertigo Fast Track 6-Month Growth Marketing Program takes into account a variety of brand touch points, engagements, and conversion rate; adjusting not only position, but creative, timing, and tactic when necessary to ensure client ROI.

“It is a very hand’s on approach,” says CEO, Lisa Mirable, “and it is more than just movement, it is creative movement, tactical movement, whatever is dictated by the first learning period.”

Vertigo Fast Track’s aggressively works to penetrate the market, measuring awareness, track in true engagement, adjusting and monitoring conversion through sales utilizing both AI and IQ, because we believe the difference in standing out in the market will always involve human intelligence.

Vertigo Fast Track’s 6-month strategic processes is highly personalized to your individual business and goals, divided into three phases, and closely monitored on a weekly basis.

From initializing the program with market savvy creative designed for quick attraction and alignment, Vertigo tests the channels identified, learning behavioral patterns in the market and adjusting not just position, but creative, tactic, messaging, as needed.

During the second phase, sales strategies, engagement actions and lead funnels are employed, tested and adjusted for speed and optimization, and finally, sales deployment.

Vertigo’s team tracks, tests, reports and adjusts to ensure success is attained building client’s market share, trust in the program, and client’s relationships – some for over 19 years!