Vertigo Media Group is named design firm for Daze Products, Inc.

Vertigo Media Group is named design firm for Daze Products, Inc.

August 19, 2011 Latest News 0

Vertigo Media Group was named as agency of record for Daze Products, Inc. today November 2. Daze products specializes in the manufacturing of “The Game Chamber”; an in-genius device developed by Michael Rosenberg, President of Daze Products,Inc., to prevent the loss of Nintendo DS Games. This device is being sold in Walmarts and Toys-R-Us stores through-out the nation. It was most recently named by Toys-R-Us as their number 1 seller.

The basic functionality of the device is simple. “Lock It or Lose It”.

The Game Chamber holds 8 games. Your child can not take out more than one game at a time and must replace the one already removed before taking out any additional games or it will remain locked.” Anyone with kids knows how expensive these games are and how often they loose them. “I found 4 of them stuffed inside the back seat of my car after a road trip I had taken with the kids,” says Lisa Mirabile, President of Vertigo Media Group.

Michael Rosenberg came to Vertigo New York because the products packaging suffers from 2 major flaws. Although sales have been good they could always be better. The packaging really needs to pop-off the shelf, said Michael Rosenberg, when the consumer walks by it just lacks the visual appeal that could make someone want to stop and take a look.

Vertigo Media Group is confident that through the development of strong messaging and exciting packaging we can make a positive impact on sales, hence paving the way for more capital and future products.