Vertigo Welcomes Santinelli International!

Vertigo Welcomes Santinelli International!

April 20, 2018 Latest News

We’re pleased to welcome our newest client, Santinelli International, to the VMG family!

Santinelli is the premier designer and manufacturer of lens-finishing equipment for optics professionals around the world, with clients from the U.S. to Italy to Japan.

Santinelli has been known as innovators for over 8 decades, beginning with the launch of its first automatic lens edging machine in 1935! Since then, Santinelli has distinguished itself with a revolutionary series of edging systems, blockers, tracers, finishing systems, and even software, as they continue to develop the most technologically advanced products in the industry. Santinelli’s sterling reputation also stems from their emphasis on client satisfaction and responsive customer service, with technical support that’s second to none.

We’re proud to represent a company whose culture of service aligns so closely with our own. As an international marketing company, we also understand the challenges and rewards that come with engaging a global market. VMG is partnering with Santinelli for the roll-out of their latest product, the LEXCE, providing PR and collateral design, as well as tradeshow and social media support.

Going forward, VMG will also be helping Santinelli to refine their online presence with new website development and content creation and an SEM campaign targeted to the company’s audiences of eyewear retailers and laboratories.